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Foreign currency management

Targeted hedging strategies offer planning security and efficiency benefits

Very often, sales and purchases at Würth Group companies do not take place in the same currency. The volatility of foreign currency rates therefore has an unpredictable effect on gross profit.

Würth Finance International B.V. is the partner for transactions in all tradable currencies worldwide. Personal dialogue is very important to us. Our trading experts are in constant contact with the companies of the Würth Group, providing them with their specialist knowledge and experience. Understanding and trust form the basis for successful collaboration and optimum handling efficiency.

We have recently developed a customised online trading tool for the finance professionals at the Würth Group companies – Würth Powertrader. During price negotiations with suppliers, for example, this tool makes it possible to ascertain tradable foreign currency rates in real time using a smartphone and to conclude transactions directly. Powertrader thus makes an effective contribution to securing the gross profit of the Group companies.

That leaves more time to attend personally to fostering the business relationship beyond the sometimes hectic transactional business.